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Works done with care


Motian works efficiently in a wide variety of any sized works. We are aware that our work is only part of complex projects that require perfectly meeting the objectives set in each of the stages. We fulfill our part.

Some examples of completed projects

Regeneration of Guadalquitón beach

Regeneration of beaches south of Llobregat river

Megapark Project

Construction for Norton Seville

Bus Lane Platform 4th Phase

PV Olmedilla

PV Cedillo

Nerva landfill site

PV Santiz, Valdelosa and Palacios

Excavation base for pond

Jerez de la Frontera landfill

Football field

Download platform TRAFO

Execution of sanitation

Trench and roads for photovoltaic plant

Railway route

Quary restoration

Regeneration of beaches

River protections

Levelling and compaction of land

Esplanade for constructing an industrial warehouse

Levelling in Palmas Altas

Levelling with 3D technology for SE-40

Widening and improving the route

Construction of a pond

Drainage collectors

Machine park

Know the "tools" that allow us to be efficient