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Equipment for all kinds of jobs, regardless of the size.


Where there is land, we can move it. The extension or movement to be done doesn’t matter. Our entire staff works in close coordination for excellent project implementation. Excavator and spreading equipment, tractor heads, a fleet of trucks for transport, tanks and a logistical support vehicle fleet support a team of professionals every day dedicated to keeping the promises made.

Motian is ready to take on any challenge in terms of earth movement in general, pipes, public works, photovoltaic plants, pit cleaning, raft cleaning, canals and everything you can imagine. Machinery capable of carrying out almost any job on time, no matter how complex it is. Because your goal is our commitment.


The 21 to 50 tonne excavators can incorporate long reach rockers that increase the reach of the arm from 8 to 20 metres. The machines can incorporate links depending on the type of work to be done. These couplings can be sieves, bobbin holders, scoopers or buckets of any size for the extraction of earth or even special triangular scoopers for the creating canals. All the tools are attached, modified, repaired and even manufactured in our workshop.

Excavators in action

Long Reach Arm

Excavator for excavation works depth levels between 5 and 12 metres. Very fast and agile.

High load performance

50 tonne machines equipped with high volume and versatile dipper. Speed in removal and loading movements.

Special extraction in salt flats

Long range system that incorporates a 5 metre wide dipper for optimising work performance.

Sieves coupled with the arm

Incorporation of help for sieving land, allowing its reuse in areas where the sand supply is very complicated, with subsequent economic savings.


No ground is any match for us. Our modern spreading machinery park allows us to intervene in all types of surfaces, from roads and platforms for roads and highways to large esplanades on agricultural farms. We use 3D technology for leveling plots, of any type, with the intervention of our powerful bulldozers, leveling machines and tanks.

Spreading in action


Responding to the growing demand identified in recent years in the earthmoving sector, at Motian we have built a complete fleet of large-capacity tub trucks, racks and dumpers; the latter destined for large-scale projects in closed circuits, such as beach regeneration works.

In the logistics section, our gondola trucks operate, intended for road transport of machinery, and fuel tankers, workshop vans and a fleet of pick-ups and vans that help coordinate and provide logistical support to all of our companyís operations.

Transport in action

Short distance transport

Carriage trucks, with limited load capacity but great agility on short trips up to 2 km.

Maximum load capacity

Articulated trucks for large volumes of earth movement and in difficult to access areas.