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We work where we are needed, we adapt.


At Motian, we understand that projects need solutions. Therefore we are prepared to provide services in the different sectors related to our activity. This is possible thanks to a qualified team capable of responding to any need, and a machine park that works, with or without adaptations, in any environment or type of work. These are the sectors in which we most often work.


The Public Works sector is one of the most comprehensive in our field of work, with a multitude of possible projects varying in complexity. We undertake all projects in this sector, regardless of the size or difficulty. We provide the necessary means in each case.

  • Lot excavation
  • Leveling and widening for roads
  • Formation of embankments
  • Land-levelling
  • Excavations in trenches
  • Recycling pallets


Hydraulic works are particularly complex due to the conditions in which they must be carried out, so highly specialised technical and human resources are needed.

  • Regeneration of beaches
  • Creation of ponds
  • Fluvial and maritime protection
  • Sewerage networks
  • Cleaning drains and ponds
  • Drainage in flood areas


We´re talking about operations in areas where the work can become extremely complicated due to, among many other reasons, the dusty environment and the large volume of mass that is moved for its subsequent transformation and purification.

  • Rock breaking
  • Sorting products and by-products
  • Salt collection in salt flats
  • Large volume transport
  • Mining restoration
  • Quarry conditioning


Motian goes one step further in its professional career by developing projects in the Renewable Energy sector. Highly qualified works where specialised personnel and machinery with different tools are needed to carry out the proper implementation of the project.

  • Leveling in trackers zones
  • Formation of roads
  • Excavation of trenches
  • Post jacking
  • Stringing electrical conduits
  • Trench sifting and capping


Excavations in trenches, assembly of pipes of different types and sections, connection of wells and scuppers that make up the sewage network in any type of work. Conduction of water to a wastewater treatment plant.

  • Water supply
  • Water connection
  • Waterworks
  • Wastewater and rainwater
  • Wells
  • Pipes

Completed projects

Get to know some of our most significant projects in the above areas