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From landfill to lookout for bird watching

By 05/10/2022No Comments

We started a new Civil Works project in the Sevillian town of Lantejuela. This is the transformation of a landfill into a green area, whose physiognomy will allow it to be used as a viewpoint to observe the numerous birds that live in the environment.

The project, included in the Plan Contigo of the Provincial Council of Seville, is carried out on an area of ​​44,234 m2 and consists of two phases. The first consists of the definitive closure of the dumping site. Adequacy of the land (clearing, profiling of the land, etc.) and the provision of sealing materials (layers of earth, plastic sheets, etc.) that allow the confinement of the waste deposited in the dump.

In the second phase, the topsoil will be extended as a substrate for sowing and planting, which will be carried out with native species from the area. Trails will be set up and the necessary equipment (furniture, barriers, etc.) will be provided, using materials that are integrated into the environment.

In the image below, current state of the surface.